Advocate for State Retirees

We are in the home stretch with 3 days left in the 88th Legislature. We still have much work left— including securing a 13th pension check for retired state employees. Unfortunately, the Legislature still has not committed to any benefit enhancement that will directly help the retirees hit hard by inflation.

That is why we are staying strong and continue speaking daily with lawmakers and budget writers. We want them to remember the retired state workers who rely on their ERS retirement to make ends meet – and who haven't had a benefit increase in over 20 years.

We are asking them to support a one-time 13th check for those who receive ERS retirement benefits. Current and retired state workers like you have done much to make Texas great. We will keep working on your behalf through the last days of the legislative session.

Standing with our Retired State Workers

TPEA stands with the more than 120,000 retirees and their beneficiaries who receive their pensions through the Employees Retirement System (ERS).

We are grateful to our retired Texans who protected public safety, served endangered children and the elderly, built the public infrastructure that allowed our state to grow and prosper, and so much more. Look across our vast Texas region and you will find retired state workers. TPEA will always advocate for our dedicated retirees and help protect the pensions and benefits available.

Diligently working for our members, TPEA produced multiple documents, letters, ads, posts and in-person meet and greets to educate and remind our legislators and the public to take care of our state retirees. On top of all that, TPEA members have been at the Capitol everyday either testifying at the hearings or handing out documents about the needs of our retirees. As state retirees, you can also use these documents and information to educate your Legislator or contact them directly through the Advocacy Action Center. See available resources below.

Documents for a 13th Check By District

Media Blast: TPEA retirees in the news.

13th check media coverage with LTEs-01

Testimonies At the Capitol

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