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Since 1946, TPEA was created by State of Texas employees to represent their best interest.

The Texas Public Employees Association (TPEA) was created by state employees in 1946 to represent state employees and retirees.

Why? Because the Texas Legislature determines everything from your salaries to your benefits during and after your career with the state. And state employees know they are only as strong as their membership.

Therefore, TPEA works to support state employees and retirees -- to help secure the salaries, benefits, and more -- so Texans like yourself can devote themselves to careers in public service. But it only works when state employees and retirees are members...because we're all stronger together.

TPEA is the only nonunion, nonpartisan group serving state employees during and after their careers.

“I’ve been a TPEA member for a long time. TPEA is a recognized and respected resource our legislators rely on to make informed decisions about state employee benefits. One of the most effective things TPEA does is present sensible solutions that they can easily support. That approach benefits active employees and retirees alike, and those of us contemplating retirement soon should applaud TPEA for their leadership in preserving full benefits. Become a member. We're all stronger together.”
Jon_DeWitt, TxDOT
John DeWitt, Director of Transportation Planning & Development at TxDOT

Your TPEA Membership provides:

For a small cost of $7.50 per month for Active Employees or $2.50 per month for Retirees or Associates...

  • A dedicated voice representing your interests at the Texas Capitol and beyond. TPEA works hard to protect and enhance your salary, pension, insurance and other benefits.

  • Experts who represent but also translate issues important to you -- as well as legislation & government decisions that affect your lives and pocketbooks. TPEA reads, deciphers, and tracks thousands of pages of documents for you throughout the year. 

  • TPEA builds relationships to offer members exclusive supplemental insurance and special group rates on long-term care, cancer, heart, stroke, accident, life insurance, and so many more policies.

  • Product discounts include added savings on electronics, household items, entertainment, and dining, along with travel, hotel, car rentals and more. Savings from these benefits often pay for the cost of membership and more.

  • In collaboration with Capitol Credit Union (CCU), TPEA offers two exclusive credit cards for TPEA and CCU members: the TPEA Member Platinum that can help someone build their credit, and the TPEA Platinum Rewards Card.

Why Being a Member of TPEA is Important.

Join TPEA Today. Invest In Yourself.

Become a unified and formidable front to the Legislature.

State employees and retirees say why they are members of the TPEA organization. The benefits provided saves them money and often pays for the cost of the membership. More importantly, state employees know TPEA is their voice at the Capitol before, during, and after each Legislative session.
“As a state employee, it's so beneficial to have a non-partisan, non-union association looking out for our best interest. I have seen TPEA firsthand in action, and how they've been able to support us by working to ensure our state benefits are protected. They support us as current employees and into retirement.”
Tim Fitzpatrick, Director III for Classification & Records at TDCJ
“I’m a member of TPEA because they continuously keep me in the loop with issues that impact me.  TPEA staff advocates for state employees and retirees daily at the Capitol. On top of all this - they provide  some great benefits! They are the only association that fights for all state employees and retirees.”
Julie Beaubien, Public Involvement Section Team Lead at TxDOT
“I love being a member of TPEA. I basically pay off my membership dues immediately with the discounts. In the mid-80s I took advantage of the dental program before ERS offered dental coverage. I also purchased the legal services plan. All of this was before I realized what role TPEA played as my advocate at the Capitol. ”
Joe G.jpg-2
Joe Golson, Retiree from ERS
Join TPEA Today. Invest In Yourself.

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